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Candle Massage

Candle Massage brings you the indulgence of warm molten candle into the form of massage oil. Blending the benefits of shea butter, palm oil and aromatherapy that binds the dirt and dead skin cells to help regenerate skin. As a result, your skin looks brighter, cleaner and smoother. Shea butter and palm oil provide skin benefits and nourish, moisturize and gives relaxing effect on aromatherapy body, mind and soul. With 4 frangrants :  Exotic Frangipani,  Tropical Hibiscus, Lime Coconut & Sacred Lotus.
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Ken Dedes Princess Ritual (120 minutes)

A complete package of women beauty care. A distinguished massage to increase the blood circulation, soothe nerves and muscles. Followed with a hot herbal bath the. A unique feminine smoking ceremony which airms to cleanse women sexual organ and removes unpleasant odor, single this out as a royal occasion for all spa goers
Dewi Sri Body Bliss (120 minutes)

Carefully formulated with nourishing rice extract to care for the body and perfumed with exotic scents.

Available series :

Radiant White
A prominent blend of rice extract, lemon and camphor oil, to help clear away dead damaged skin cells and to brighten a dull complexion. Regular usage will be beneficial for a natural healthy white skin.

Reviving and Energizing
To ease tiredness. Contains oil of peppermint and lemon. The scent is beneficial in reinvigorating both body and mind.

Sensual Rejuvenate
Sweet natural aphrodisiac of rice extract and a blend of rose, jasmine, cananga and sandalwood oils. It is effective to relieve tension and refreshes the spirit. An Indonesian indigenous formula for love, believed to be amorously, stimulating.
Body Contouring Spa
A legitimate treatment created from well-blended rice extract and lemon oil, known to be cogent in combating cellulite. Refined with patchouli oil to stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Pitaloka Mangosteen

Holistic Spa Package that inspired from the goods of Mangosteen " The Queen of Fruits" with 5 times vitamins C that any other fruits. Make skin moist, anti aging and healthy skin.

Innovative product from Martha Tilaar is Martha Tilaar Bathmilk Massage Oil, massage oil that can turn into bathmilk for bathing.

Batimung Spa - "The Ancient Borneo Detoxifying Ritual"

The beauty of Princess Tunjung Buih,  as she emerged from the foamy whirlpool and was received with a yellow garment, mesmerized Lambu Mangkurat who was meditating on his search for a new leader for Negaradipa. This is the beauty that inspires the authentic South Kalimantan
Timung body care with ingredients that include temu giring (curcuma heyneana), lime leaves, kenanga (cananga), melati (jasmine),  pandan (fragrant palm) and akar wangi (vetiver)
Barandam Batis/Foot Ritual :
to cleanse the feet, with a refreshing aroma as well as some antiseptic properties using lime leaves and sliced lemon grass.
Cengkaruk/Body Scrub:
a body scrub made of black glutinuous rice to remove dead skin cells.
Ba'urut/Body Massage:
using lala'an oil mixed with various Babanyon oils as needed. This will cause your body to relax, improve blood circulation and bring relief to stiff muscles.
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